Dragon Dawning
Demonality Series - Book Two

Sometimes you have to step back to move forward.

You’d think after saving Earthside Thea and Jon could take a break but that was only the beginning.

Thea now a mother, loves her daughter Darcuna and is dealing with all the responsibilities that come with being a new parent along with organising the new settlement in Hell. And the Dragons have begun turning Lake Acantha back into the paradise it once was; the only dark cloud is Thea’s rogue brothers.


Black Heart, Spawn and Rage got away and are holed up in Morsa Ersa building something sinister. Once it’s completed it could turn the tide of the war in their favour.

Once again, it’s up to Thea and Jon to take charge and sort out her brothers. They’re up to the task but where will it leave them after the smoke clears?

The Demonality series blends magic, adventure, love, sex, colourful language, and even a little comedy into a fun and unique fantasy tale.

Due Out 2020!

Book One

Not all demons are evil; some are just trying to survive.


Aurrynthea Shadow's Fire is not a typical young female demon. Born to a Dragon mother and a demon father, she is trying to resolve both halves of her nature and stay alive. 

In Hell, magical strength determines who rules and Thea is the only fire demon offspring of Shadow Lord. When he names her his heir, all Hell breaks loose. 

As the seals over the portals between Hell and Earthside fail, can Thea reconcile her Dragon and demon natures in time to prevent a war that would destroy both realms?

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